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Bellevue Radar Official Logo

BELLEVUE RADAR® is a digital lifestyle brand and division of Webesis Inc. in downtown Bellevue WA since 2010. 

The Bellevue Radar (BR) name and logo are 

registered trademarks of Webesis Inc.

Live vicariously through BR Instagram posts!

Downtown Bellevue

Our Founder had a vision for BELLEVUE RADAR® back in 2010 as one of the first to live a luxury lifestyle at The Bravern. She saw the explosive growth of downtown Bellevue WA coming and the need for a trusted resident expert voice on where to go and what to do in the burgeoning city. Believing in downtown Bellevue's bright future, she invested in a high-rise condo in Bellevue Towers and launched Bellevue Radar to showcase the best offerings of local businesses to the Pacific Northwest region and beyond. Fast forward to today, Bellevue Radar is an established digital brand sharing top quality lifestyle experiences with its ever-growing fanbase on social media from the epicenter of what has become a truly thriving city in the Seattle area.




Bellevue Radar Location

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Leverage the influence of the BR lifestyle brand by getting your best offerings and special events in front of BR's loyal social media audience who have trusted and acted on our recommendations for years.

It's easy to be featured on BR, here's how it works:

  1. We will repost one (1) of your Instagram posts* on BR's Instagram account for FREE

  2. Just Follow and DM us on Instagram asking to be featured and include link to your Instagram post

  3. If you hear back from us accepting your request to be featured we will optimize your post for maximum organic reach (we don't buy Likes) and engagement with our followers and repost it

Tip: Posts with animated GIFs / videos get better engagement / more views

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Bellevue Radar
500 106th Ave NE

Unit 2705

Bellevue, WA 98004



Tel: 425-283-9632

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